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Tattoo Care Patch



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Product safety
About Labbotach
Research & Developement


Our Tattoo Care Patch is a clinically proven patch that regenerates the original colors and details of the tattoos by peeling the keratin layer over the tattoo. This patch uses hydrogel technology with a three-dimensional nano-structure: the outer layer prevents the evaporation of the active ingredients so that all active ingredients are guaranteed to land where they should: in the top layer of skin over the tattoo colors. A second layer of polymer hydrogel diffuses the active ingredient and moisturizes the skin. The hydrogel soothes inflammation of the skin by gradually distributing moisture and refreshing the skin. The main ingredients like allantoin, glycolic acid, lactic acid, vitamin E, papaya extract and licorice extract help exfoliate the epidermal cells. The unique connection between the hydrogel technology and the natural active ingredients moisturizes and helps restore the natural color of the tattoo ink.






Registered as a medical device (CE) in Europe. With ISO certificate for safety and quality. The effectiveness is clinically proven by Derma Test.

  • 4 main ingredients for effective keratolysis
  • Urea, papaya fruit extract, lactic acid & glycolic acid
  • Provides a gentle "peeling effect" 
  • Improves the color sharpness of old tattoos 
  • Regenerates the tattoo without touch-ups 


You get 2 boxes with a total of 8 tattoo care patches.




Urea, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, D-Panthenol, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lanolin, Allantoin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Glycyrrhiza Glabra(Licorice) Root Extract


Hydrogel Matrix Patch for the treatment of faded tattoos. Regeneration for lively and bright colors. 




  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the area before application. 
  2. Peel the protective film from the patch and attach it to the affected area. (If the tattoo is smaller, the plaster can be cut into smaller pieces with clean scissors.) 
  3. The patch can be used for a maximum of 8 hours (The patch is not reusable.) Change to a new patch after 8 hours.) 
  4. After using the tattoo patch apply a moisturizer or ointment (oil-bsed) to the tattoo area.


(For maximum effect when peeling the keratin layer, we recommend using it continuously for 2-3 days).



Test subjects: 20 healthy adult female subjects aged 30 to 49 years
Application period: For 4 weeks (once / day)
Compared to before the product was used, the contrast of the tattoo colors is statistically significantly increased and the tattoo can therefore be seen much more clearly.


The study was carried out by "Derma Test".


Product safety

World-class approved hydrogel patches

Registration for Class 1 medical devices completed in Europe

our promise

Labottach promises to always only offer its customers safe and effective products that are strictly clinically approved.

We only use highly effective and mild components that can minimize skin problems and maximize the effects.

No use of parabens, artificial pigments, dimenthicon, formaldehyde and phthalate.

Wooshin Labottach continues to conduct clinical studies to guarantee the effectiveness and high quality of our products

Dermatest Germany is a research institute founded in Germany in 1978 in which companies and researchers work together in the field of skin care with public trust.


Dermatest is known for its strict standards and highly reliable procedures. Carrying out skin stimulation tests on humans.

The skin test results are certified at the highest level across the entire "Labottach hydrogel plaster" series.
"Very good" rating


Dermatest certificates for each product:

Clinical studies from around the world

Registration for European Class 2 Medical Devices completed

USA FDA registration completed




Labottach's own factory in Korea and Slovenia

Manufacturing system for our Incheon, Songdo Patches and ODF
Our production facility in Slovenia for medicine and medical devices

ISO certified facility

Strictly certified for the design, development, manufacture and sale of patch products

GMP & HACCP certified

Facility Certified for medical devices, HACCP manufacturing and quality control
About Labbotach


You cannot solve your skin problem with a traditional face mask. Labottach Hydrogel Patch contains active ingredients within the hydrogel matrix structure that can solve your skin problem beyond hydrating effects.

Mr. TackSoo Nam dreamed of a combination of three industries during his studies and training as a pharmacologist. These industries were pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and dietary supplements.

He wanted to combine these three industries to create innovative and effective products to improve the health and beauty of people of all ages.

Mr. Nam believes that Hydro-Matrix skin patch technology is important and effective, so everyone, everywhere, should have the opportunity to experience it. We are now selling directly to you as a consumer with this online store. Before that, we only sold our products to cosmetic companies and pharmacies.


The story behind WOOSHIN LABOTTACH

The name of our company, Wooshin Labottach, comes from Korean and has an important meaning. Woo means "always close" Shin means "faith" and "harmony". Furthermore, Labottach is created by combining "laboratory" and "technology".

Therefore, Wooshin Labottach means: Health in harmony with technology.

Mr. Nam, as a pharmacologist, formulates the products while ensuring that each product meets the highest standards. With the best and latest technology, the best research and development (R&D) techniques and a team of highly qualified and trained pharmacists combined with the highest quality ingredients. This is how Mr. Nam creates easy-to-use products that deliver great results.

Wooshin Labottach, now in his 29th year, exports to 48 countries and is at home in Korea. To meet the growing demand for products in Europe, a production facility was opened in Slovenia in 2015 and all necessary tests and certifications were carried out.


2017 Ministry of Health and Welfare Award

Nam Tack Soo, CEO of Wooshin Labottach pharmaceutical company, received the 2017 award from the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as the first Korean company to establish an EU-GMP production facility in Slovenia.

Department of Wellbeing, Bio / Pharmaceutical Merit Award Pharmazeutische Zeitung I 04/13/2017

"Nam Tack Soo, CEO of Wooshin Labottach, was recognized for developing ODF for nutritional supplements and exporting abroad, including China and Turkey."

WOOSHIN is the first Korean pharmaceutical company with EU-GMP own factory in Europe.

CEO statement

We are a pharmaceutical company founded in Korea in 1992. We started marketing the finished products and active ingredients. Now we have started promoting our own articles. (mainly our line of hydrogel patches and oral disintegration film, ODF) We export to more than 30 countries and work closely with our partners. We are particularly proud of our strong research and development team.

We continue to license and test for the pharmaceutical industry and sell raw materials to our wholesale customers.

We recently opened an office in Budapest, Hungary to further strengthen our marketing department. In addition, we have opened a pharmaceutical production plant in Grosulje, Slovenia, which mainly produces our hydrogel patches. 


Research & Developement



Seoul, South Korea

Quality, safety and customer satisfaction

We develop the best solution for excellent quality and safe products for high customer satisfaction with strict quality control discipline



International experts

Professional Research and Development Center Consisting of 11 Pharmacology Masters PhD holders from all over the world,

including Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Nepal, Korea and others.

Wooshin Labottach researchers achieve research results in various areas.

From cosmetics to state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals with high technology through consistent research and development.


Insight into our research center in South Korea


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Tattoo Care Patch

Tattoo Care Patch