Sanitá-ZERO (30ml/BOX)

Sanitá-ZERO (30ml/BOX)

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Sanitá-ZERO is spray-type hand sanitizer that can sanitize your hands without drying your hands as this does not contain any alcohol.

It provides silky finish D-Panthenol and Vitamin E.

Keep you safe from invisible bacteria in everyday life.



Safe to Use: Non-Alcoholic (Ethanol), No Paraben, No Colourant

  • Without Alcohol, it moisturizes your skin, without any stickiness
    And At the same time, it protects your skin by preventing dryness of hand
  • As the sanitizer is for everyday use, it is important that sanitizer does not include any paraben
  • Without Artificial Colourant, it is safe for the children to use the product

Small Spray-Type Sanitizer

Sanitizer that can be used easily because of its compact and easy spray type usage

Fresh Mint-Scent
Natural Mint Oil inside the Sanita-zero leaves a fresh mint-scent